Thursday, March 1, 2007


Cnidaria: the phylum in which marine animals that are invertebrates with tentacles surrounding the mouth

polyp: sessile flower like cnidarian

medusa: motile bell shaped cnidarian

gastrovascular cavity: digestive cavity in cnidarians with only one opening

nematocyst: stinging structure on the tentacles of cnidarians that is used to paralyze or kill prey

hermaphrodite: individual that has both male and female reproductive organs

jellyfish:an invertebrate marine animal that, in its reproductive stage, has a nearly transparent gelatinous body shaped like an umbrella with trailing tentacles bearing stinging cells.

sea anemone:a solitary and often colorful sea animal with a squat cylindrical body that bears a ring of tentacles and is attached to rock or other nonliving material

coral:a marine organism that lives in colonies and has an external skeleton.

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